From Non-Profit Career
to Post Bac Dietetics


I am so glad you found me! I am a Post Bac Dietetics student at San Francisco State University. Before enrolling at San Francisco State University, I had a long and productive career working for different art and environmental non-profits, where they nurtured me to become a more passionate and driven person. I always believe in the work I do, and also believe that outreach is where I can have positive influence.

Personal Statement


Education leads to exploration.
The classes on the campuses of Peralta Colleges and San Francisco State University have been educational, fun and motivational. Dietetics class projects have given me a better understanding of how diverse a Registered Dietitian's role can be and given me room to explore where my strengths are in this field.

Projects & Experience


My family surrounds me everyday and they are my biggest reason why I want to become a Registered Dietitian. I want to inspire them to live healthy lives: nutritionally, mentally, and socially.

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Personal Statement

Through all my experiences as a UCLA graduate of Anthropology, professional fundraiser, event marketer, wife and mother, I find myself knowing I want to be a Registered Dietitian and to work in the dietetics field. I believe I can contribute to the dietetics field with my commitment and drive to lower the obesity rate and lower the risk of food-related chronic illnesses in this country. This is my mission and my passion. I know becoming a dietetic intern is the next step in fulfilling this mission.

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